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Therapeutic Rowing

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The one truth that all rowers can align on is the importance of synch and the holiness of good rhythm. To our fine taste, a perfect boat is a boat the flows in good harmony, but in reality, how reflective is this technical harmony on our much needed yet missed harmony in our daily lives. The answer is: very reflective!

The state of motion we’re put in whilst rowing gradually but surely carves this instinct in our souls that makes us enter this meditative, harmonious zone mentally.

The repetitive motion of rowing is meditative, in the sense of it being recurring, cyclic and rhythmic, which makes the mind flows as our boats flow. With each stroke, we clear a piece of our disturbed water and help reach a clearer, more settled mental state. Stroke after stroke with the proper rhythm, heals our soul of our lives’ turbulence. With very high focus put in an attempt to perfect each stroke, we lose our bodies to the beauty of this good synch and our minds float. A rhythm, we long for, always.

Likewise, the clarity of the weather and the tranquility at 5am rows can help like no other therapist to purify the mind, body and soul. A workout that tightly connects us, the boat and the water to make us feel on more dimensions than we thought we’re capable of. Indubitably, rowing is an exquisite remedy to the body and mind.

By: Malak Sabry

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