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Cairow Touring

This division is dedicated to travel, and touring anywhere we find water to steer! Our trips are seasonal and full of wanderlust!  


Kayaking the South, Nubia

kayaking the South is a perfect blend of nature, ancient civilization and adventure.

Exploring the beauty of Aswan and the Nubian Islands while kayaking 25km over three days. 

kayaking the South is held monthly from October to May. 

In collaboration with Puzzle Egypt. 


Windsurfing, Ras Sudr 

The camp is an intensive windsurfing course over 2 days at Moon Beach Ras Sudr.
You will learn how to handle the sail, stand on the board and control the wind, with a total of 10 hours of fully instructed training sessions.

-Half board accommodation (1 night)
-Full gear
-Fully guided practice (10 hours)
-Beach access and safety

Training center and accommodation: Moon Beach

The camp is held monthly from May to October.


Kitesurfing, Ain Sokhna

The camp allows the most inexperienced kiters to gain enough confidence, knowledge and experience to continue practicing safely on their own.
After you complete the course you get a life time discount at Infinity Kitesurfing center and can continue at your own pace with your IKO certification.

Training center: Infinity Kitesurfing 

- Half board accommodation (1 night)
- Full gear
- 6 hours of guided practice
- Beach access and safety

The camp is offered monthly from May to October. 

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Istanbul Coastal Rowing

At the most beautiful point of the historical peninsula of Istanbul, you will have the chance to train in company of Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower and Sultanahmet Mosque.

In partnership with Altin Boynuz Spor Kulubu

The camp is held usually in October.

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Private Tours

We provide private tours, tailored for you and your squad! 

Let us know what's on your mind and what kind of adventure are you seeking... we will make it happen!

mobile: 01005665302

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