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Row on the Nile

Join Egypt's top watersports crew


Train on the world's longest river

Cairow is a water sports academy that was founded in 2019 as a way of spreading the love of rowing and making it more accessible to the people.


We have a core belief that our responsibility goes beyond the training hours, it extends to the environment around us and how we can develop ourselves and the community through the sport.

Cairow has grown to be one of the top hubs for high performance sports and recreation in Egypt. 


Choose your sport

Our facility offers a wide range of sports with diverse levels of intensity and commitment. 


Cairow Touring

This devision is dedicated to travel and touring anywhere we find water to steer!

Cairow Ground

An open gym facility, offering all round fitness and wellness classes.


the people

"Following the boat's rhythm is a meditative process. With every stroke I have to be present and this has helped me in dealing with anxiety"

Lara Adly

January 5, 2020

Since I started I feel much healthier and I'm in a better mood. On top of that I am building more muscles."

Anne van Leeuwen

January 28, 2020

"Rowing has increased my discipline and determination."

Seif Moustafa

December 20 , 2019



112 El Nil St. Dokki, Giza 


Tel: 0100-566-5302

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